My Songs & Videos

My duet with George McCrae

I reconnected in 2021 with George McCrae.

We had performed in the past on the same big stages when he was on tour in the north of the United Kingdom.


In 2023 we released the dance hit "Step Into My Heart" which went to number 1 in charts all over Europe.


Click on the picture to watch the music video 

In this section you will find full videos, mini videos and videos with a still image.

When making the full videos we attempted to tell a story by creating a cinematic experience.

We thought that those songs deserved a bit of drama in motion.

The mini videos are also fun to watch. They will take you into the mood of the song without telling a real story.


If you would just like to listen to my songs without the video experience, my complete song catalogue on Spotify can be found here

Full video

Full video

Full video

Full video

Full video

Christmas songs

A special section that I love very much

I love Christmas and I absolutely adore singing Christmas songs.

Below is a selection of those songs with a FULL video.


My duet with Gino Vannelli

I have sang with many great artists in my career, on stage and/or in the recording studio. 

You can read more on my BIO page about these collaborations.

One achievement I am particularily proud of is my contribution on the recording of Gino Vannelli's 1990 album "Inconsolable Man" .

I sang in the USA with and on Gino Vannelli's album "Inconsolable Man".  I sang on 3 tracks, which included "Moment To Moment" and "Sunset on L.A."

Full picture animated video

Cover Songs

Full videos with a cinematic experience

Welcome to this part of my songs.  These are cover songs I really LOVED to sing and we made our own video version for all of them.


"A Matter Of Time" is about a betrayed female spy called Agent Phoenix and her plan to get revenge on those who betrayed her.

"Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love" takes you into a UFO and friendly aliens.

"Set Fire To The Rain" really burns the house down.

"The Show Must Go On" opens the door to creative clowns in the circus.

"Wasted Time" brings sand, western country roads, a ranch and... a banjo playing mouse.

"Who Wants To Live Forever" tells a story about nearly extinct dragons and the task to protect them by the Dragon Keepers.